Norton Sandpaper G36 12inx12in


Experience superior material removal with Norton Sandpaper G36 12inx12in. Designed for heavy-duty sanding applications, this abrasive sheet features a grit rating of 36, making it the ideal choice for tasks requiring significant material removal. The 12inx12in size ensures broad coverage, and Norton’s commitment to quality guarantees exceptional results. Choose Norton Sandpaper G36 for efficient and reliable sanding on a variety of surfaces.

EAN: 3038000010030

Unleash the power of Norton Sandpaper G36 12inx12in, a premium abrasive sheet crafted for demanding sanding tasks. With a robust grit rating of 36, this sandpaper excels in heavy-duty applications, effortlessly removing substantial amounts of material. The 12inx12in dimensions provide extensive coverage, allowing you to tackle large surfaces or focus on detailed work with precision. Norton’s dedication to quality shines through in every sheet of G36, ensuring consistent and reliable results


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