GEKKO Duct Tape 48mmx25m

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Discover the power of GEKKO Duct Tape (48mmx25m) with the M427 series. This reliable and versatile tape is engineered for a multitude of applications, ensuring a strong and secure bond. With a width of 48mm and a length of 25 meters, it offers a convenient solution for various sealing and repair needs.

EAN: 1400000160381

GEKKO Duct Tape (48mmx25m), part of the M427 series, is a robust and adaptable tape designed to meet diverse requirements. Crafted with precision, this tape offers exceptional strength and reliability for a wide range of applications. The 48mm width and 25-meter length provide substantial coverage, making it suitable for tasks that demand a durable and long-lasting seal. The M427 series Duct Tape is known for its ease of application and strong adhesion to different surfaces.




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