MALCO LED Ceiling Lamp Tri-color 24W


Illuminate your space with the MALCO 8264 LED Ceiling Lamp, a tri-color lighting solution that combines modern design, energy efficiency, and user-friendly features. Whether you’re creating a cozy ambiance or need focused task lighting, this ceiling lamp delivers a versatile and visually appealing solution for your lighting needs.

EAN: 1400000189399

This LED Ceiling Lamp’s tri-color technology allows you adjustable illumination. You can effortlessly adjust between warm white, cool white, and daylight lighting settings to suit different hobbies and environments. This ceiling lamp’s 24 watt power output delivers enough brightness for a variety of applications. The combination of low power consumption and LED technology ensures energy efficiency and cost savings.

The lamp is simple to install and was designed with the user in mind. Whether you install it yourself or hire a professional, the simple installation process ensures a trouble-free experience. The MALCO LED Ceiling Lamp is built with durability in mind to ensure long-lasting performance. The sturdy construction assures that the lamp will stand the test of time while preserving its functionality and attractiveness.





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