MALCO Ceiling Lamp White (8370) 36W

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Discover the perfect blend of modern design and efficient illumination with the MALCO Ceiling Lamp in White (8370) 36W. These luminaires redefine your space, offering a symphony of light and style that transforms any room into a haven of contemporary elegance.

EAN: 1400000223345

Immerse your surroundings in the luminous brilliance of the MALCO Ceiling Lamp in White (8370) 36W. This contemporary masterpiece combines sleek design with powerful illumination. The 36W lamp module casts a generous glow, ensuring every corner of your room is bathed in light. Elevate your space with a fixture that not only brightens but also captivates with its modern aesthetic.

Bring home the perfect marriage of style and brightness. The MALCO Ceiling Lamp in White (8370) 36W – where contemporary elegance meets maximum luminosity.





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