Fighter Tub Knob Entrance Lock (6881AB)


Upgrade your doors with the Fighter 6881AB Tub Knob Entrance Lock, where security meets classic design. Elevate the overall look of your interior spaces while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing entrance lock.

EAN: 1400000133002

The tubular knob design of the Fighter 6881AB combines classic elegance with practical efficiency. The antique brass finish gives a sophisticated touch, making it a versatile choice for a variety of door types. This precision-crafted entrance lock ensures a smooth operation and long-lasting functionality.

Security is critical, and the Fighter 6881AB is built to meet those requirements. The tubular knob gives a secure grip, and the sturdy design resists daily wear and tear. With this high-quality entrance lock, you may be confident in the security of your spaces.

The Fighter 6881AB Tub Knob Entrance Lock is straightforward to install, making it appropriate for both experts and DIY enthusiasts.





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