COOL PPR Tee Female Adapter TF 3/4in (25mm)


Enhance your plumbing systems with the COOL PPR Tee Female Adapter TF 3/4in (25mm). This adapter features a robust 3/4-inch female thread combined with a precisely crafted 25mm PPR pipe interface, ensuring reliable connections in your plumbing installations.

EAN: 1358000000490


Upgrade the efficiency of your plumbing setups using the COOL PPR Tee Female Adapter TF 3/4in (25mm). Engineered for durability, this adapter combines a sturdy 3/4-inch female thread with a meticulously crafted 25mm PPR pipe interface.

Designed to meet industry standards, the 3/4-inch female thread provides compatibility with a variety of plumbing components, offering versatility for a wide range of applications. The 25mm PPR pipe interface is precisely engineered to facilitate smooth fluid flow, contributing to the overall effectiveness of your plumbing systems.


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COOL PPR Pipes & Fittings


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