COOL PPR Stop Valve SV (40mm)

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Upgrade your plumbing control with the COOL PPR Stop Valve SV (40mm). This stop valve features a robust design and a precise 40mm PPR pipe interface, ensuring effective water flow regulation for various plumbing applications.

EAN: 1358000000704

Enhance the precision and reliability of your water flow control with the COOL PPR Stop Valve SV (40mm). Engineered for durability, this stop valve boasts a robust build and a precisely crafted 40mm PPR pipe interface, providing efficient regulation in a variety of plumbing scenarios.

The 40mm PPR pipe interface is optimized for seamless and uninterrupted water flow, ensuring enhanced performance in your plumbing installations. The stop valve’s durable construction is designed to withstand regular usage, promising longevity and dependability.


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COOL PPR Pipes & Fittings


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