Kendo Snap off Knife 9mm


The KENDO Snap Off Knife in 9mm is a versatile and practical cutting tool designed for precision and convenience. With its retractable blade and snap-off segments, this knife is ideal for a variety of cutting tasks in both DIY projects and professional applications.

EAN: 1400000204733


The KENDO Snap Off Knife in 9mm combines functionality with ease of use, making it an essential tool for anyone in need of a reliable cutting instrument. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson, this snap-off knife offers a convenient solution for various cutting applications.

The knife features a 9mm wide blade that is sharp and durable, ensuring clean and accurate cuts. What sets it apart is the snap-off blade design, allowing you to extend the usability of the knife by breaking off dull sections and revealing a fresh, sharp edge. This feature is particularly advantageous when working on tasks that demand continuous cutting without interruptions.





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