Megacryl Semi Gloss Latex White


Achieve a semi-gloss finish with Davies Megacryl SG Latex in White. This 4L can of high-quality semi-gloss latex paint provides excellent coverage and a durable finish for your interior painting projects.

EAN: 2142000000487

Transform your interiors with the semi-gloss finish of Davies Megacryl SG Latex in White. Packaged in a 4L can, this high-quality semi-gloss latex paint is crafted to provide excellent coverage and durability, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your walls and surfaces. Whether you’re painting living spaces, bedrooms, or other interior areas, Davies Megacryl SG Latex offers versatility and reliability. Elevate your interior painting projects with Davies Megacryl SG Latex 4L in White, creating a semi-gloss finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.



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