MALCO Round Downlight LED 36W WW


The MALCO Round Downlight LED 36W WW is a high-performance lighting solution that can liven up any environment. This downlight, with its modern LED technology and stylish form, delivers energy-efficient lighting while also improving the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. The MALCO Round Downlight LED 36W WW is an excellent alternative for upgrading your house or improving your commercial area.

EAN: 1400000145098


Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with the warm white illumination of the MALCO Round Downlight LED 36W WW. The brightness level was carefully chosen to generate a nice and comforting light, making it excellent for living rooms, bedrooms, eating areas, and other settings where a warm environment is needed.

The MALCO Round Downlight LED 36W WW installs quickly and easily. With the accompanying mounting components and simple instructions, you can quickly and easily install this downlight. The installation method is quick and straightforward, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional electrician.





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