Grundfos CM5-3 Centrifugal Pump 1.5HP


Enhance your water pumping system with the Grundfos CM5-3 Centrifugal Pump 1.5HP. This high-performance centrifugal pump from Grundfos, featuring a 1.5HP motor, ensures efficient water supply for various residential and commercial applications.

EAN: 3014000010362

Upgrade your water pumping capabilities with the Grundfos CM5-3 Centrifugal Pump 1.5HP. Meticulously designed, this high-performance centrifugal pump from Grundfos is equipped with a robust 1.5HP motor, ensuring efficient water supply for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Ideal for water distribution, irrigation, and other water-related tasks, the Grundfos CM5-3 pump is crafted with precision to guarantee durability and efficiency. The powerful motor provides a consistent water flow, making it suitable for different water system setups.




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