COOL PPR Elbow Equal LL 50 90deg

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Enhance your plumbing systems with precision using the COOL PPR Elbow Equal LL 50 90deg. This 90-degree elbow, designed for 50mm pipes, ensures reliable connections and efficient water flow.

EAN: 1400000059500

Upgrade the performance of your plumbing setups with the COOL PPR Elbow Equal LL 50 90deg. Engineered for compatibility with 50mm PPR pipes, this elbow facilitates accurate angles, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of your plumbing network.

The 90-degree configuration guarantees smooth water flow, maintaining optimal functionality throughout your plumbing system. Crafted from high-quality PPR material, this elbow boasts corrosion resistance and durability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.


COOL PPR Pipes & Fittings

COOL PPR Pipes & Fittings


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