Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Grey 300-380g/ml


Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Grey is a high-performance sealant offering exceptional durability and flexibility. With a volume of 300-380g/ml, this grey sealant is a reliable choice for various sealing applications. Ensure long-lasting protection against the elements with Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Grey, a versatile solution for both DIY projects and professional applications.

EAN: 1000900022330

Discover the unparalleled sealing capabilities of Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Grey, a premium-grade sealant designed for lasting performance. This versatile product, with a volume ranging from 300 to 380g/ml, combines durability and flexibility to provide a robust seal in a variety of applications. The grey hue seamlessly blends with diverse surfaces, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re sealing joints, gaps, or connections, Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Grey ensures a reliable and resilient barrier against moisture, weathering, and other environmental factors.


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