TOPMAN Multipurpose Ladder 4×3

Original price was: ₱6,272.88.Current price is: ₱5,645.59.

Versatility meets convenience with the TOPMAN Multipurpose Ladder 4×3. Lightweight yet robust, this ladder is designed for both household and professional use, offering stability for various tasks.

EAN: 1400000150344

The TOPMAN Multipurpose Ladder 4×3 is your go-to solution for reaching new heights with confidence. Designed for both household and professional use, this ladder features a sturdy 4×3 configuration, ensuring stability and versatility. Its lightweight yet robust construction makes it easy to transport and maneuver, while the multipurpose design allows you to tackle various tasks effortlessly. From changing light bulbs to outdoor maintenance, this ladder is a reliable companion for all your elevated needs.





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