MAXPRO Rotary Hammer 1200W

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Unleash the MAXPRO Rotary Hammer 1200W (model MPRH1200/38) for a powerful drilling and chiseling experience. With its robust 1200-watt motor, this rotary hammer is designed for heavy-duty applications. Whether you’re drilling into concrete or chiseling through tough materials, the MPRH1200/38 delivers the performance and durability you need.

EAN: 1400000207185

Elevate your drilling and chiseling capabilities with the MAXPRO Rotary Hammer 1200W (model MPRH1200/38). This high-performance tool is engineered to tackle heavy-duty applications with ease, making it an essential addition to any professional or DIY toolkit.

At the heart of this rotary hammer lies a potent 1200-watt motor, providing the necessary power to drill into concrete, stone, or other challenging materials. The MPRH1200/38 is not just about power; it’s also designed for precision and versatility in various applications.