MALCO Lux Smart LED Wall S1616 15W

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Elevate your living spaces with the MALCO Lux Smart LED Wall S1616 15W. Meticulously designed and featuring smart functionalities, this wall light brings personalized illumination and energy-efficient brilliance to your home.

EAN: 1400000303740


The MALCO Lux Smart LED Wall S1616 15W is meticulously designed, seamlessly integrating into any environment. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this wall light boasts smart features that redefine how you experience lighting in your home. Sync the MALCO Lux S1616 with your smart home ecosystem effortlessly. Compatible with popular platforms and offering voice control options, this wall light puts the power of illumination at your fingertips. Adjust brightness, set the mood, or turn it off – all with a simple command.

Designed for easy installation, the MALCO Lux Smart LED Wall S1616 15W ensures that you can enjoy smart lighting without the complexities. Make a lasting impact on your space with intelligent lighting that is both user-friendly and visually striking.