MALCO LED Solar FloodLight AI V4-PRO Daylight

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Introducing the MALCO LED Solar FloodLight AI V4-PRO in Daylight, this outdoor lighting fixture is engineered for exceptional performance. With its daylight color temperature, it provides a natural and luminous glow, ensuring optimal visibility.

EAN: 1400000265819


The MALCO LED Solar FloodLight AI V4-PRO Daylight is a functional outdoor lighting solution with a wide range of applications. It produces natural and brilliant illumination due to its daylight color temperature. The illumination coverage ranges from 20 to 35 square meters, ensuring adequate brightness across a large region. Its compact form, measuring 52mm by 305mm by 235mm, allows for installation versatility.

The 1680lm luminous flux provides a bright and efficient light output. The solar panel, rated at 10V 25W Poly, collects solar energy for long-term operation, making it an environmentally beneficial option. Furthermore, the integrated remote control enables for simple modification of illumination settings. This solar floodlight provides a dependable and energy-efficient solution for a variety of outdoor lighting requirements.