Earth Clamp 500-Amperes

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Secure electrical connections effectively with the TM KY-320001 Earth Clamp. This robust clamp, with a 500-Ampere capacity, ensures a strong and stable link to the ground for safety and efficiency.

EAN: 1400000261941

The TM KY-320001 Earth Clamp is a reliable solution for establishing secure electrical connections with the ground. With a substantial 500-Ampere capacity, this clamp plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical systems. Crafted with quality materials, it boasts durability and resistance to wear, making it suitable for various applications, including electrical installations and welding projects. The design prioritizes user-friendly attachment to grounding points, providing a dependable solution for achieving a strong and stable earth connection. Trust in the TM KY-320001 Earth Clamp for consistent performance and peace of mind in your electrical projects.